Happy Birthday [DRuG]Capsinurass

[DRuG]NikT (15 Jan 2009 01:46 am)
Since joining DRuG, Capsinurass has proved not only a very active member of the GTA community, but a talented and always-at-the-edge developer.. if that be stunting in GTAIV, discovering techniques to push the engine's physics to it's limits, or writing modes and learning MTA's LUA scripting language.

Also as a very active member of our forums community, it really is great having Caps as part of the team - happy birthday, mate - 18th too, ultra-congrats.

In observation of Capsinurass' constant drive forward with new ideas to inspire the clan toward new creations, I present his GTAIV stunt video, recently submitted to our forums - enjoy.

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