Welcome 2 da DRuG Silky

[DRuG]NikT (14 Jan 2009 10:54 pm)
As the second ?or is it third? member that's been recruited using our new technique of discussing it in a clan only, private area of our forums, I know we're all glad to welcome [DRuG]Silky.

To quote his application, I feel, will give you the best rundown on where he fits into the online clan scene, to date...
quote (from Silky's application):

I am 16 years old, live in New Zealand and my real name is Anees.
I know quite a bit of the members since I have played with them in game.
I have been playing SA:MP for, I think, a bit over a year now and am enjoying it immensely :D
I have great fun racing and have a couple of records on CJA server in SAMP.
I love drifting and used 2 co-own a stunt clan, [AUS] which, during its time was awesome to be a part of.
I was also in the clan CBK and a co-owner of LA.
I am currently in the clan LF and enjoy DMing with them.
I have got MTA race and DM but don't play it very often, but I am going to now that i have played SAMP a lot.
Seriously GTA is pretty sweet haha.

Having played alongside him on AGS a bit recently, I know he's already mates with quite a few of the crew... on behalf of DRuG, [DRuG]Silky, welcome.

cool cool cool cool cool

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