Elite & NikT's Christmas ADSL news update

[DRuG]NikT (25 Dec 2008 11:56 am)
Merry Christmas folks.

Not sure how many of you know, [DRuG]Elite and I moved into a share house a month or so ago. He's one of DRuG's oldskool and a co-leader.. With the same house, now, a lot of news relating to DRUG's servers and resources coming online really comes from both of us.. since most of it is hosted out of our place or one of our colo-serves.

We are up to the third technician visit on Monday to have Naked iinet set up.

Turns out on this one, there genuinely was a line fault - had to get Telstra out - always a nervy part, in case you're wrong - since they then charge you for the call-out (if you're wrong)..

Weird part is, I must have been paid to go onsite and help get about 20 ADSL lines up and running, the only one I have to actually follow through on a faulty line call is my own?!

They had everything ok on iinet's side.. but 100m away in the Telstra pit, we were patched to a faulty pair. On Monday when they put us on a new pair, apparently everything will go live straight away.

/me hopes.

iinet were very good on the service side of things, and their phone jockeys aren't idiots.

Merry Yaksmas everyone..


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