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[DRuG]NikT (06 Sep 2008 12:04 pm)
This is a project I've been messing about with for quite some time.

My vision was to create a web site based news reader where you can view news from any site or forums involved in the GTA scene - like a 'one stop shop' for GTA news.

At first I had experimented with planet, a GNU script designed to compile news from rss into a date arranged news site. As time went on, I tried a few others, and found that it was much easier to navigate, if the site was arranged more carefully -- much like a mail reader. Thus the introduction of the Spry news reader by Adobe. Using Air, their latest webtek, it's also a bit of a curiosity on the front of Web 2.0 design - pages are preloaded and displayed within it much like any web 2.0 application.

I hope you find it as smooth as I have.

The site can be reached at It is also now in the left margin here and also just above the RSS news ticker on the forums, labeled and linked as follows:
>> Launch Spry RSS Reader <<

If your GTA related news is not included on our planet, or a source that you prefer, please, email or send me a message on the forums - it's very easy to add more, all I need is an RSS/xml feed.

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