Welcome to DRuG [alr]Capsinurass

[DRuG]NikT (18 Jan 2008 04:12 pm)
Well, after signing up Flongdong, I thought all of [alr] had been invited... [alr]Capsinurass, I'm terribly sorry we missed you.. originally there were plans to invite you, but they just got forgotten.

[alr] - a collective of very talented mta racers, have been chilling with the crew since the early days - once again, it's great having them all as part of the crew.

Welkom 2 da DRuG, [alr] & Capsinurass cool cool smile smile cool cool

"originally there were plans to invite you, but they just got forgotten."

Sif forget me!
[DRuG]Capsinurass (18 Jan 2008 04:51 pm)

smile Not so much forgot you, but forgot to nag you... I'm pretty sure I invited u back a ways... but not 100% sure.... but I definitely forgot to follow up on it, regardles...

Ah well.. we got there in the end. Great having u as part of the crew.
[DRuG]NikT (18 Jan 2008 05:25 pm)

yay caps :)
[DRuG]Grish (18 Jan 2008 06:42 pm)

lol, there is still S.W.A.T. but alwell.
flongdong (29 Jan 2008 05:24 pm)

shok wasn't that a vice clan or huh?
[DRuG]NikT (30 Jan 2008 02:11 am)

S.W.A.T was in alr. lol another person forgoten
[DRuG]Capsinurass (30 Jan 2008 02:50 pm)

Heh, SWAT was also an MTA clan, back in the days of mta 0.2-0.3, Vice City.
[DRuG]NikT (30 Jan 2008 10:50 pm)

woo! I thought caps was already in lol
[DRuG]Widgit (02 Feb 2008 12:04 am)

zomg Widget, havent see you on in ages!
[DRuG]Capsinurass (02 Feb 2008 11:33 am)

yesh! Welcome back! smile smile smile
[DRuG]NikT (02 Feb 2008 12:41 pm)

lol I know!
Hopefully I'll have my new laptop this week and you'll be seeing a lot more of me!
[DRuG]Widgit (02 Feb 2008 07:18 pm)

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