Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

[DRuG]NikT (01 Jan 2008 06:05 pm)
Well, it's been another busy year at DRuG.

For the first year in a while the majority of mods released by the crew were all from relatively new members. This is a fantastic indicator that we're growing at the right pace and the people selected are well suited to the crew and what we do.

Teamspeak this year has had it's busy & it's quiet moments, with many members alternating off to servers devoted to WoW & other games they've branched off to, but it was great to see a lot of the oldschool crew spend a fair portion of their time @ DRuG.

This year also saw the introduction of forums.. until this year, DRuG members had been encouraged to sign up at gtaforums and other communities around the scene, to get our name out there. Speaking for myself, I've found the move to our own space has resulted in a much friendlier group of people to share with. I look forward to advancing our activity in this area to include more of the GTA scene - it would be great to share our friendly vibe with others.

MTA and SAMP now both have very solid followings, this has had an incredible effect on the scene, I find racing a lot more fun without the majority of people around me wanting a fight... where I'm sure the FPS/DM players are just as happy to be rid of the stunters and other krazy vehicles interfering with their battles.

GTAIV - well, I still don't see anything, anywhere, confirming planes will be in game, nor multi-player PC action... only mention so far, has been of consoles.

Though this is not much different to the times of Vice City, where rumours of SA were all concerning details of the PC game, not if it would exist, but how. If anyone can confirm any PC based GTAIV planning @ Rockstar, please let me know.

I can't wait to take on this new year, with all the new clans that I've been grouping on our forums, this year I expect to develop my agregated "Clan World" site, using the powers of RSS.

Thanks for being an awesome crew for yet another year folks.

Good year folks, gl to your crew and that which you aim to accomplish.

/prepares to waste another year of my life fooling around with games tongue o' silly
eNathan (01 Jan 2008 08:56 pm)

smile Nah it's messing with the games & having fun where we often learn some of our key-est knowledge in my opinion, but I guess I work in IT, so that's pretty subjective. wink
[DRuG]NikT (01 Jan 2008 09:25 pm)

quote (NikT):

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

flongdong (02 Jan 2008 10:24 am)

LOL, didn't think for a second that bbcode would work. not that i knew the code really, just a guess ;)
flongdong (02 Jan 2008 10:36 am)

yeh, thanks, as you saw in later news posts, I have begun using this feature, thanks to you!

[DRuG]NikT (14 Jan 2008 04:05 am)

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