More new members

[DRuG]NikT (22 Jul 2007 11:17 pm)
A second wave of recruits - all long term mtaers that have associated with DRuG so long now I'm surprised I haven't got around to inviting them...

Welcome to Kazza, Rassilon, FrostyTheDopeMan and KillFrenzy.

It's fantastic to have so many new members. I feel it important that with this new influx, I find some way to improve our communications mediums - at this stage #drug on is a good place to find the crew.

Shortly I will introduce some forums local and specific to - in the past I have encouraged the crew to become active on other forums in the scene, so we are seen and aware of what's going on around us.. but I feel it's time now where we could benefit from our own forum system. Feel free to suggest your preferred software in the comments area for this news item.

Perhaps phpBB or Invision? (to start the ball rolling)

Welcome to kazza, Rassilon, Frosty and KF.

I think a DRuG forum at this stage is an awesome idea NikT. That will be good for members who dont have microphones and cant use irc for whatever reason.
[DRuG]Grish (22 Jul 2007 11:27 pm)

And for Widgits who have younger siblings who ruin her $100 headsets!
Widgit (22 Jul 2007 11:29 pm)

PS welcome guys!
Widgit (22 Jul 2007 11:35 pm)

Welcome 2 da DRuG!

As grish noted, forums would certainly be a great idea. Personally I would go wish invision but SMF is also a great free alternative wink
[DRuG]Slick (23 Jul 2007 04:12 pm)

i suggest you use phpbb3 newest release, its free and easy to use and it's open source.
Smallo (24 Jul 2007 05:16 pm)

Simple Machines Forum or the black box of doom.

personally id take smf.

Welcome guys.
[DRuG]Zidane (25 Jul 2007 06:25 pm)

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