Router upgrade complete - all services restored

[DRuG]NikT (13 Jul 2007 02:41 am)
Well I now have IPTV at home.. there's not that much to watch, unless I have some Cubans over for some reason. Most of the channels are foreign language with no subtitles, but it works, and it has potential.

In future TPG plan to introduce more channels, but my main attraction to it was the simple fact it's free wink

Anyway, all services are restored, if there's anything on the servers that hasn't come back right, lemme know.. I'll kill them zombies. shok

Also, ALW's MTA server ( stats and web ladder have been reset - so now is a good time to start racing there if you intend to maintain a ladder position on the most competitive racing server in the northern hemisphere.

I tend to be on there most nights - once things get quiet on the DRuG server, I find activity tends to pick up on the northern hemisphere servers.
[DRuG]NikT (13 Jul 2007 01:46 pm)

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