Grish has pickups sorted & [JP]MB's race mode

[DRuG]NikT (04 Jul 2007 03:32 am)
I've just spent a few nights on [JP]MB's samp racing RPG server ( and I have to say, these guys have got a really nice beta mode happening - you can buy properties, with a car & level associated, then hunt about town for races to suit your level. The addictive element is high, and the races were pretty good.

I have added MB to my MSN, and he is going to keep me posted on progress. The server is only up in the late evenings, but if you can find it online, I highly recommend you drop in & check it out. As a noob member, it may take you some time to work your way up from golf buggy, but it's worth it. I currently have a slamvan. cool

Currently running on the SA-MP server are a few of Grish's dev modes.. currently he has working pickups and NOS, with his MTA<>SAMP race packager still in the works.

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