All back up including SA-MP 0.2.. (0.2 released)

[DRuG]NikT (21 Jun 2007 07:37 pm)
We're back, including an updated 0.2 SA-MP server. The current plan is to wait until we've spent a night or so trying the different alternatives to see what's possible before moving on to fiddling with modes and scripts. All data was restored AOK with no data loss noticed at this stage.

Personally, I'm gonna enjoy my first night playing SA-MP 0.2 without the distraction & responsibility of fiddling with our server - especially considering it'd only be a token effort until we've explored a little to see what's about.

Expect features such as vote mode, web based stats and hopefully a ladder for the sa-mp server soon. My dream would be to have a race server and a dm server for sa-mp but of course this will require access to another box & link we can host on. If you are able to offer DRuG a host for an sa-mp server, please email me.

Stay tuned over the next few days - I expect we'll have many updates posted.

Nice work NikT, in restoring the server so quickly and all. There's gonna be many people happy with you're work. Me included :P
cool cool cool
[DRuG]Grish (21 Jun 2007 07:42 pm)

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