NikT's linux server is down due to HDD failure

[DRuG]NikT (19 Jun 2007 12:18 am)
Nothing is lost... the primary drive in my linux server started making a funny noise, and had gone into read only mode, with the file system table inaccessible, the system became unbootable on reboot.

All data from the drive (including all linux users' home directories) has been recovered and moved onto new drives, with the linux server gaining just over 100Gb.

I will be rebuilding the linux/apache/mysql/php arrangement that was on the box, restoring the data then putting the teamspeak, FTP, MTA & SA-MP (etc) servers back online. I don't mess about, but I'm not always here, so expect most of this within about a week.

The MTA & SA-MP server scripts will need a bit of tweaking to suit the new arrangement, but rest assured, all game server records and maps remain intact. I will be setting these up first, so perhaps only a day or so.

angry angry angry angry

Good luck NikT.
I hope the restore is a smooth and easy process.
[DRuG]Grish (19 Jun 2007 05:56 pm)

Yo Nik, need any help?
maybe get some linux RAID goodness happnin?
ZOG (19 Jun 2007 08:34 pm)

Thanks Grish & Zog - not going for RAID in this box, but it certainly has stax of ext3 storage..
Filesystem Size Used Avail
/dev/hda1 110G 2.5G 102G

I'll drop into #zog once I've done the first run of apt-get updates.

This was posted from 'iceweasel' - the default browser in the knoppix/debian xwindows - that's right - the box is back up.. no server yet though.. I've just finished installing from liveCD to hdd - the box is running much snappier with the new drive.. and quieter. Getting an ext3 formatted partition and swap onto this drive proved a nightmare.. all sorted with a bit of old fashioned persistence.

I'll post more here as things emerge.
[DRUG]NikT (20 Jun 2007 02:01 am)

i think i need to buy nikt a rubber hammer for fixing linux boxes and things. wink
[DRuG]Zidane (20 Jun 2007 10:50 pm)

smile Nice 2 c u Ziddy.

I got samba mounting all the windows shares into the linux filesystem tonight, then set up proftpd with ftp users locked into their relative root folders & added a group for users that can move around the entire system. SO that's ftp working nicely.

Then I installed apache, mysql, compiled a fresh php 4.7, all tested aok - tharrr she blows captains. Yes, we're all captains here @ DRuG. cool

Bed now - tomorrow, the game servers and teamspeak. I know I said I'd do them first, but in the end I decided on hardest first.
[DRuG]NikT (21 Jun 2007 03:07 am)

[DRuG]Grish (21 Jun 2007 06:00 pm)

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