DRuG Australian SA-MP and MTA servers online

[DRuG]NikT (11 Feb 2007 06:06 pm)
Well, they're both online... default ports at either of the following URLs:

[DRuG] Australian SA-MP Server
nikt.ath.cx:7777 or drug.kicks-ass.net:7777

[DRuG] Australian MTA Server
nikt.ath.cx:22003 or drug.kicks-ass.net:22003

At this stage, good scripts and web stats are yet to be configured - this is expected to be complete within a week or two.

An IRC echo channel, where game chat can be viewed will also be restored as it was with our previous servers - expect many groundbreaking game modes and server tricks to keep things interesting.

These servers are to be 24/7 from now on, but it may take some time to balance the bandwidth requirements - we'll see how things go, but I have >100k upload, so we should manage.

We still need good modes, scripts, remote management tools and other enhancements -- if you have anything to contribute or suggest, please email me.

Oh my god! Anyway, thanks for the reply! :D
Lággy (11 Feb 2007 06:09 pm)

Hooray! nice work with the server Nikt. I hope it doesn't eat away at your bandwidth. I remember 32 players a month was eating 100gig a month download. However im sure you have everything sorted GL with everything mate.
Smokie (11 Feb 2007 08:24 pm)

nice one NikT.
plenty monkeys for you.
cool cool cool cool cool
Grish (11 Feb 2007 09:27 pm)

Can you download me a coke?
I am parched. cool
Raff (13 Feb 2007 08:08 pm)


Nice 2 c ya

You should come see us some time in Brunswicka
[DRuG]NikT (14 Feb 2007 09:45 am)

Yeah, for sure.
I will try and get onto MSN one of these days... cool
Raff (15 Feb 2007 04:34 pm)

do uses reckon u could get ppl playing in falcons server, were trying to resurect vc-mp/mta in australia so far we have got

falcon emp blade kenny edi raven holly myself grassy venom(sa) so any help would be great 1 clan to another
[sDs]Mick (24 Feb 2007 04:11 pm)

Now all I have to do it download San Andreas! XD
Nimphious (25 Feb 2007 09:36 pm)

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