NikT will have ADSL2 in 3-5 days

[DRuG]NikT (25 Jan 2007 07:19 pm)
That email I have been waiting so eagerly for has finally arrived.

My ADSL2 account should be up and running in 3-5 days.

I must say I am amazed - after having the date pushed forward, plus hearing so many bad reports of ongoing sagas similar to mine, I assumed they would just push the date forward again. Seems not! So I should have some game servers up shortly folks... thanks for staying tuned.

OMG! finally! lookign foward to it, btw wat games? so far mta:race and vcmp and samp i think personally :), but yeh, for vcmp i have some really good maps, for 0.2a and every other version, grish has good samp scripts, and yeh! finnaly i cn play mta without lagging with my 64k upload, grish and dabombber will be pleased ;o! <3 but yeh, who will be admins and shit? also how will we/you decide the maps on mta to be used!? huge initial testing night?! sounds juicy *8^D
ramrod (26 Jan 2007 10:00 pm)

Oh Yeah!
Lággy (26 Jan 2007 10:02 pm)

Soon you can download porn like you were a South Korean.
Left Cherry Mafia (27 Jan 2007 12:29 am)

Soon it's gonna be on like Donkey Kong.
And why would South Koreans, specificially, be downloading porn?
I know some 1337 GTA players that are Korean.
[DRuG]NikT (30 Jan 2007 11:52 am)

cos they have super fast internet.... they can download whole porno series with their internet in 1 minute hehe!
ramrod (31 Jan 2007 07:33 am)

Oooo I'm moving to south korea!
Widgit (02 Feb 2007 05:54 pm)

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