Welcome Scarface & NikT's ADSL2 progress

[DRuG]NikT (06 Dec 2006 02:11 pm)
Welkom 2 da DRuG goes out to Scarface - albeit a bit belated - I added him about 2 weeks ago.

Scarface runs the Pure Evil SA-MP server, and is the author of their brilliant server scripts that make gameplay there so unique. It should be no surprise then that he is also a developer for vc-mp, bringing DRuG our second MP client dev - proud to have you aboard, mate.

Scarface is a regular on irc.gtanet.com - he can usually be found in #oz-mp with the rest of the guys. He has associated with DRuG for quite some time now, so is really already part of our big happy family, but it's great to have him home.

In other news, it won't be long now until I am on ADSL2, with a linux GTA server running for both SA-MP and MTA. Both will be set up with advanced scripting - DRuG have many qualified and ingenoius scripters, so expect many groundbreaking developments on these new servers.

DRuG web has been clocking up stats of around 8000 hits per day this month - triple the usual - so I gather a lot of you are looking forward to our servers. I assure you we won't let you down. TPG assure me mid December (EDIT: They have now pushed the upgrade date forward to January - u can imagine how thrilled I am), but I expect this is the time the upgrade of the DSLAM will complete, so perhaps add 5 days to that for my connection to go live (so perhaps with the revised date, expect early Feb).

DRuG it up peoples!!!!

congrats Scarface.

can't wait for these servers. This is gonna kick so much arse.

Grish (06 Dec 2006 02:49 pm)

Cheers, Nikt && Grisheh!

Ditto! Get some nice scripts goin' for 'em! YARRR!!!
Scarface (09 Dec 2006 06:50 pm)

Oh yeah! I'm excited about this! :D
Lággy (10 Dec 2006 03:59 am)

awesome, aus server will rock! i can help with mtasa and sa-mp maps/scripts :), grish has seen most of it, so ask him bout it lol. but yeh, looking good 8D
ramrod (10 Dec 2006 03:31 pm)

YAY scar official welcome.wink
Laggy when did you go and get latinized? Lággy shok
Widgit (10 Dec 2006 04:26 pm)

Hah, it's less common Widgit.
Lággy (11 Dec 2006 04:10 am)

Of course, it would be unnatural of TPG to come through with anything they promise... as expected, they have pushed the upgrade date of their ADSL2+ network forward to an ETA of late January. I am told even this date is not firm, as it is totally dependent on Telstra's word regarding the upgrade, as advised to TPG. So no network until then, I'm afraid - I'm sorrier than you are, peoples.
[DRuG]NikT (11 Dec 2006 04:23 pm)

I feel it's important to let everyone know that for the time being #oz-mp is not where everyone is hanging out. I fucked up and accept responsibility for the foul up. It's probably best not to cause drama here, but basically you won't find us hanging out there.
If anyone is thinking of dropping by, the new (old) hang out is back at #ozsamp for the time being, until we can get #oz-mp back. sad
Widgit (19 Dec 2006 01:46 am)

Thanks Widget,

It's a shame Tolkano insists on impersonating DRuG membership, while continuing to further damage his own name in #oz-mp etc by acting like a total retard.

Just recently, his actions caused me a flood of queries from [alw], as he was impersonating DRuG membership there too.

Further details on that event, and DRuGs response can be found at the following address:
[DRuG]NikT (19 Dec 2006 02:13 pm)

I have #oz-mp back now.
Grish (19 Dec 2006 02:21 pm)

tolka is a cunt :D hhehehe
ramrod (04 Jan 2007 12:47 pm)

i take tht back lol, i read his alw fight he had, its awesome
ramrod (04 Jan 2007 01:01 pm)

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