Welcome AceySpadey, Smokie & GamersEdge #1

[DRuG]NikT (11 Sep 2006 01:12 am)
First up, welcome to our newest members, AceySpadey and Smokie. Acey is a friend of Widgit's and also an associate of mine - we both race regularly on GamersEdge - I have set up a DNS for their MTA server - alwclan.ath.cx port 22003. If you have mta:// associated with mta, click the link above to join their server and play now. Smokie has been quite a regular visitor to our teamspeak server of late - it's great to have him finally aboard as one of the crew.

The reason I've been racing in GamersEdge, apart from the high standard of racers, is the fact they have a web based ladder. Currently I am positioned 1st, but this will change a lot over time, the ladder is very competitive, so I've included a screenshot of my progress below. Hope to see you there!

Welkom 2 da DRuG Acey & Smoke
GamersEdge MTA server statistics & ladder

Yay welcome Acey & Smokie!
And I expect you to be in the top 3 by the time Zen gets back Nik!
Widgit (11 Sep 2006 05:14 pm)

HAH! You girls are funnny - Zen's comment to me when I told her I was no. 3 was "I hope you get number one by the time I'm back, baby".
An advance welcome 2 da DRuG goes out to SS202, Widgit's main man - also a fast climbing player on GamersEdge's MTA ladder. He sent me his member bio last night... I'll put it up on the site tonight buddy - welcome aboard!
[DRuG]NikT (19 Sep 2006 11:10 am)

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