NikT back to racing in MTA and Tycooning in SA-MP

[DRuG]NikT (31 Aug 2006 01:45 pm)
Well after the predicted 9 day rest, my gamepad-destroyed wrist is back to normal... the pain subsided.

For those interested in joining me online in GTA, I will be on almost every night after 6.30pm (AEST) over the coming three weeks. With Zen going on a world trip through Spain and England, my time won't be divided for this period. Long term, we expect to move in together in November, so by then my online presence should return to the regularity of old.

MTA players can expect to find me mostly in's server, which has a web-based ranking system at - it serves as a great record for my progress in races, and that of the many other regular racers on the server (you even get assigned a ladder position and racer class as you earn more points, which is announced as you join the game each time).

SA-MP players can expect to find a lot of the DRuG crew active most nights on Australia's PureEvil or PTGN SA-MP servers... a few of the crew are even admins there, so if you get any tools (or people using them), just mention it to one of the crew.

Stay tuned for some new DRuG maps and modes that are nearing release.

i usually hang around on PureEvil as one of the friendly admin Crew smile seeya there!
[DRuG]Zidane (31 Aug 2006 06:41 pm)

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