SR71A Blackbird for San Andreas

[DRuG]NikT (14 Jul 2005 03:33 am)
This mod replaces the Shamal in GTA San Andreas with a blackbird in DRuG Transit livery.

The model was taken from 3dCafe and was originally made by Syd Adams.

It is available in 3ds format at this link.

You will note the texturing is rough - the normals on the model were originally flipped all over the place... it's a lot cleaner than it was. The decals are also done very roughly - this model wasn't that fun to work with so I have hastened it's release so I can move on to another. I may do a refined version down the track including animations, assuming I one day understand them.


SR-71A Blackbird - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

Stay tuned for more planes in the coming weeks!

Omg, finally i am now going to place this into my gta sa nice work nikt ,,

moonkeehhss banana banana
Elite (14 Jul 2005 03:36 am)

This is a great model to port into San An.
Excellent job Nik. :p
Raider (14 Jul 2005 03:37 am)

Hello im martin and like the idea of a blackbird in gta sa but i cant instal
it becaus the shamal in my game uses shamal.ifp and shamal.dff but in the zip i found a txd instead of a ifp how can i solve this
Martin (16 Jul 2005 10:35 pm)

You don't change the ifp, only the dff and txd.
[DRuG]NikT (17 Jul 2005 10:08 am)

SniperX (18 Jul 2005 08:12 am)

yo guys mabe if i get sa soon i can come play got my new pc been away for awile well i hope i can get back into the moding how i used to like the old days ehh o well see you round
Xare - Racer (23 Jul 2005 02:19 pm)

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