Black Shamal for San Andreas

[DRuG]NikT (03 Jul 2005 02:02 am)
I couldn't stop tweaking, so here's another..

This mod makes the Shamal in GTA San Andreas black with Ximian monkeys on the tail and wingtips.

The texture resolution has been tripled and all the detailing redone finely to suit, including a replacement door originally from a Boeing 717.


Black Shamal - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

I know, I know... PLAY THE GAAME. wink

Nikt you are the stunning modder in this clan, you continue to suprise me and others... keep it up :)
Ydrool (03 Jul 2005 02:04 am)

KiCk ArSe MaYnO!!! wink
LiX (03 Jul 2005 02:07 am)

i like potato chips, nice banana
Trix (03 Jul 2005 02:08 am)

Nice Nik.
Nimphious (03 Jul 2005 02:09 am)

can you make it have a red nose please?

not like red coloured but like blood red where some 1 has been killed by it? also some blood splatters comming out the back of the turbines plz like a bird just got ate by the turbines that wud be very cool!

Yang-O-Master (03 Jul 2005 02:22 am)

That would kick ass. Good idea. :D

Hope he makes this "Blooded" version!
LiX (03 Jul 2005 02:26 am)

Very fucking awesome.
Raven (03 Jul 2005 04:51 am)

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