1337 H4X release day

[DRuG]NikT (08 May 2005 06:21 pm)
New DRuG member, and long time clan associate, [DRuG]NVX has cracked the Encryption used in MTA 0.5 and created a library for use with mIRC, as well as a second library for use with C/C++, ASM, Delphi, VB, etc that contain the cryptographic functions for communication with a MTA 0.5 server. (Source will not be released at this time.) The dll for use in C programs and the like should work with every language that supports using dll with custom params and can handle non-string data, although only examples for C is provided at this time.

Inside the ZIP file are 2 readmes, 2 dlls, 1 lib file, 2 mirc scripts, 1 c header file, 1 c source file.

One readme is for the mIRC dll, one for the C dll.

One dll is the mirc dll, one is the C dll. (well duh!)

The lib file and header is for use with the c dll.

The c source file is an example for use of the C dll within a c program. (note, the c example does not connect, it just decrypts a string, i got lazy... the mirc example however does connect :P)

One mIRC script is a script with some useful aliases with conversions and is used by the second mirc script wich contains a fully working example of how to use the mirc script to connect to a server. It shows server info, allows you to send and recieve chat, and some other stuff that i cbf'd explaining, read the mtacrypt-example.mrc file :)

Download from: Neo's File Store or DRuG's Website

If you have a question, pop into IRC at irc://irc.Neo-Vortex.net/DRuG

Amazing work Neo-Vortex & Trix - most DRuG have already probably met Neo on IRC, pay note his name in game will be [DRuG]NVX, and that Trix is known in IRC as kynox.

This release, as you read this, is a matter of serious discussion DRuG are engaging in. We are disappointed in the way a number of people have interpreted it's release in terms of DRuG's motivations. As noted in the comments, DRuG have the sole goal of enriching MTA gameplay, not destroying it. Sadly, we understand this is not the aspirations of everyone that uses our mods - as such, we are currently exploring how we can be truer to these motives and how it can be expressed in future releases.. our apologies go out to anyone that does not understand this.

DRuG it up ppls!

Theres only 1 thing to say about the Mta Team.... pwned MOFO'S banana
[DRuG]Ydrool (08 May 2005 06:51 pm)

haha, sweet. those guys will want to jump off a building after this one. lmao @ them !
[DRuG]Nonameo (08 May 2005 09:15 pm)

2 joys... cracked encryption and a new member... wink
took you long enough to join... tongue
Yea, now I wanna see what you're gonna do with it! tongue
SpngBb (08 May 2005 09:16 pm)

Nice work, /me thinks that MTA Partyservers are in for a rough time banana
[DRuG]Static (08 May 2005 10:35 pm)

Try & be nice to the guys at party server hey? They've always been nice to me, well, a great percentage of them anyway. Remember DRuG aint about cheating to annoy people, they're about modding the game to make it more fun for everyone.
[DRuG]NikT (09 May 2005 02:08 am)

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