Vice/GTA3 trainer and [DRuG]TRANSiT opens

[DRuG]NikT (01 May 2005 05:30 pm)
Been a while between news items, but lots has been going on behind the scenes... some of which I can report to you now.

[DRuG]Static has just released a new trainer - MTA Teleport 2. It features xyz teleporting, 16 preset locations to warp to via hotkeys (that can be disabled), health level adjustment and the ability to slow health loss. It also allows you to switch between window titles, so use with different versions is easy and it works with both versions of GTA - Vice and Liberty. It is available in the MTA related downloads area and the trainers section, or you can download here.

In other news, DRuG has spawned a new flight simming clan, DRuG TRANSiT, with multiplayer server & site, headed up by yours truly. The site can be found at, and has it's own news area that I plan to keep updated like this one, live multiplayer server info and some liveries/skins I have made for the default planes to "DRuG it up".

*Edit by NikT* Our new clan site also includes these downloads areas with all the GTA ones.

All DRuG members are of course already considered part of this new extension, however it would be great to hear from those that intend to join in.. just click my name down the bottom and drop me an email, or add a comment below.

Nice one Static!! DRuG it up peoples!!!

Good job Static, can't wait to test it out. Well Done.

Great news to hear this great group of people moving onto a new application to tackle. Flight Sim is truly a great experience, and I urge those that haven't handled it, to give it a go and experience the magnificence first hand.

I will soon get started on my contributions to [DRuG]Transit.
SpngBb (02 May 2005 01:14 am)

Nice contribution there static hope to see more from you and nikt i only have to say one thing to you .... banana
[DRuG].ELiTE (05 May 2005 04:58 am)

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