IRC server where you can idle/chat with DRuG

[DRuG]NikT (24 Mar 2005 06:28 pm)
Thanks to the fine work of Vebome, and now Neo-Vortex, we have a devoted IRC server which is online for all of us to idle & chat in.

I encourage anyone interested in getting to know DRuG, or those considering joining, to first get to know the crew via this server.

I strongly recommend all DRuG members idle regularly in the server to stay down with the program, and anyone is of course welcome to drop in and say hi.

So what are u waiting for - point your irc client to:

C U chillin wit da DRuG! wink

*edit* Note I have just changed this server address to refer to the one everyone seems to have moved to - thanks Neo & Vebome!

wewt, btw #DRuG is the channel tongue
vebome (24 Mar 2005 06:56 pm)

Join now its funny as hell with all the monkeys and flanges banana
ELiTE (25 Mar 2005 09:08 pm)

*edit* Also note I have finally fixxed my laggage problems in teamspeak, so we're back on a decent codec
#edit# NikTs a n00by n00by n00by, cause he set it to 6kb max. tongue
SpngBb (29 Mar 2005 12:57 am)

smile i need unban tools help me i neeeddeeed i will being a member and help
oliverdrugs (24 Apr 2005 05:03 am)

Oliver, we already went through this... serveral times... how about we have a talk about some members looking at its feasibilty, and if deemed feasible, look at creating some of the goods. How about instead of demanding something that we don't have, you indeed help us to help you with your needs.
SpngBb (24 Apr 2005 03:41 pm)

sad i need banner remover hacks or tools
oliver (29 Apr 2005 07:19 pm)

let me clear this up, the only way to get "unbanned" from an mta server, is to a) reconnect to the internet b) use a bouncer..

it just isnt possible to unban yourself like that ok?
[DRuG]Trix (01 May 2005 12:33 pm)

Oliver, you have nagged all of us beyond the point of it being annoying.. consider this a warning.. don't be nagging or spamming us - this is clearly not the area to be discussing your request for the ~20th time.
[DRuG]NikT (01 May 2005 04:32 pm)

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