Car Spawn Trainer and Player Teleporter

[DRuG]NikT (14 Feb 2005 09:10 am)
Well I did say last news release to expect cool shtuff from these two... and here we go...

MTA 0.5 Teleport Version 1.0 by [DRuG]Static:
Basic features include:
- Custom spawn locations to save/load from
- 3 Window titles to choose from
- 8 Set Spawn Locations
- In game hotkeys for every location
Click here to download

MTA 0.5 Car Spawn Trainer Version 2.0 by [DRuG]Nonameo:
Basic features include:
- Warp to cars or warp them to you.
- Works with all VC stunt cars - death match/LC version planned.
- Freestanding executable, wont interfere with your scm mods.
Click here to download NonameosCarSpawnTrainer2.rar

Well done guys, and folks - this is just the beginning wink

On a side note, I'm back on broadband in roughly 5 days so I should have our public teamspeak server back up soon and the downloads pages have been updated to include the latest releases.

Finally, I am assembling a demo/loader crew to help me develop some 64kb style intros to include with DRuG releases.. anyone with experience using demo making tools like those used on, please email me.

tongue Nicely done release's i must say i enjoy stealing cars before people get them ^.^
[DRuG]T0NIX (14 Feb 2005 03:45 pm)

banana banana banana banana

Cough* nah good releases guys these mods are gonna come in handy when i go crazy skating on r.park thanks Nonameo and Static ..
[DRuG].ELiTE (14 Feb 2005 05:09 pm)

I just edited the left panel forum buttons to add a link to, then went there and read all the recent forums... it seems to be where the most productive modding info is being shared at the moment, so I suggest all DRuGs do the same... it's worth the read.
[DRuG]NikT (15 Feb 2005 03:02 am)

how do u put mods in
????????????? (14 Sep 2005 07:38 am)

how can i put mods in i dont know how
HELP>>HELP<<HELP (14 Sep 2005 07:39 am)

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