MTA Client v0.5 NoCRC LC & VC (v2) Release

[DRuG]NikT (02 Feb 2005 09:43 pm)
With version 2 we can now mod all facets of both Liberty and Vice City portions of the MTA client. SCM, Trainers, both gta image files, handling, all your mods, aren't belong to MTA team! wink

Download by clicking here.

DRuG it up ppls!

winknice job nikt

have a banana banana
[DRuG]Ydrool (02 Feb 2005 09:45 pm)

shok This is all happening so fast thanks to baz nice work ..
[DRuG].ELiTE (02 Feb 2005 09:45 pm)

omfg so awesome
[DRuG]alco64 (02 Feb 2005 10:20 pm)

Impressive. Marry me.
Lee (02 Feb 2005 10:24 pm)

[QUOTE]Lee Feb. 02, 2005. 10:24 pm.
Impressive. Marry me.[/QUOTE]

Ryoko>_< (02 Feb 2005 10:34 pm)

BAZW you saved my live! tongue
Really needed to mod.. cool
Joop (03 Feb 2005 01:55 am)

Holy shit! Baz... smile
DJ muppetmaster (03 Feb 2005 05:32 am)

I was going to say good work but the damn MTAClient just keeps starting over and over until I have a million MTAclients going at once in a process what the hell is this some kind of sick joke?
Misc. (03 Feb 2005 06:37 am)

I apologize for my harsh words I didn't read it correctly, my bad, you da man.
Misc. (03 Feb 2005 06:52 am)

Im having probs with it, iv sticked some mods and says that im running a modified version... what can i do about this?
ViRuXe (03 Feb 2005 07:26 am)

Viruxe: make a thread at explaining exactly what you modded.
[DRuG]BazW (03 Feb 2005 08:39 am)

my antivirus is claiming the rar has a trojan attached

fuck you guys
wtf (03 Feb 2005 09:05 am)

when GTAVC begins to load, it crashes.
SoBeit (03 Feb 2005 09:46 am)

I dont know why you guys are having problems my game is maxed out with mods and i havent had one crash yet ...
[DRuG].ELiTE (03 Feb 2005 11:21 am)

ViruxE - you have to copy it into your mta folder and launch it using the launcher - this is a common error people report & this fixes it.

Wtf - there is no virus, dumbass, don't blame us for your false-alarming software, we wouldn't be that lame.

Sobeit - you talk to us all on teamspeak, why are you of all people requesting support in the comments section of our website!?

Seriously people.. this aint the place for it.
[DRuG]NikT (03 Feb 2005 01:15 pm)

Actually, when Sobeit had posted that, he hadn't been on the teamspeak yet. I told him to come on teamspeak and I'd help him out.
CMC-Jacob (03 Feb 2005 03:31 pm)

Heres a tip that will cover most people's problems..... READ THE FUCKING README FILE!
[DRuG]BazW (03 Feb 2005 04:57 pm)

baz u bloody legit
racer (03 Feb 2005 04:58 pm)

shok Wow I was in a bad mood this morning hehe - sorry for my harsh tone Sobeit, and I stand corrected... Someone dissed me in an mta server as I was waking up if I remember correctly sad
[DRuG]NikT (03 Feb 2005 05:44 pm)


I get it atleast 3 times a day. On a good day, that is. I just tell them to shut the fuck up and suck my cock, lol that usually shuts them up.
CMC-Jacob (04 Feb 2005 10:37 am)

Some people will never learn the difference between modding and cheating, aggression and fun.
[DRuG]NikT (05 Feb 2005 06:15 am)

[HW]Anonymous (05 Feb 2005 11:34 am)

nice work..............
*look in "About Multi theft auto"

United-Admins <--- wtf ??? impossible
[HW]Anonymous (05 Feb 2005 11:35 am)

im getting the Win32:Patcher [Trj] also
i trust no one so if my false alarming software tells me somthing isnt right i think i would trust it over someone i never met tongue
LB (08 Feb 2005 04:30 pm)

LB - if you don't know us, and think we are so untrustworthy as to send you a virus, what are you even doing on our site? It could be transmitting viral code to you as you read this!? Needless to say, stay out of our comments areas particularly, as they are php and could be doing all sorts of tricky stuff?! What infuriates me is that as a result you have spammed all the modding forums with false information.. all tagged with your IP.. I would suggest you quit it and we'll all live happily ever after.
[DRuG]NikT (10 Feb 2005 08:17 pm)

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