MTA Client v0.5 NoCRC v1 Release

[DRuG]NikT (02 Feb 2005 07:56 pm)
Thanks to the fast and thorough work of BazW, we now have available a nocrc that allows all facets of modding to the Vice City portion of the MTA client. SCM, Trainers, gta image file mods, handling, the lot..

At this stage, GTA3 remains untouched, but wil be addressed in the near future.

DRuG it up ppls!!

Download by clicking here.

Nice work Baz, as always!

banana hoho
Ryoko>_< (02 Feb 2005 08:20 pm)

w00t tongue
Impulse (02 Feb 2005 08:34 pm)

oh yeah baby. i've had it for some time now but farkin great job BazW. you bring a tear to my eye for joy wink
[DRuG]alco64 (02 Feb 2005 09:13 pm)

Me and Nonameo are working on a Trainer that dosent require a cracked client. I am coding it in C++ and Nonameo is training it. (he's the memory hacker.)

Basically I am going to make this completely undetectable where the memory is constantly changing at random and no significant part of the memory ever stays the same. So basically, MTA are fucked when they come to patching this one. Also I have already coded a feature for it that brings old 0.1.4 Trainers and VC Trainers back to life for 0.5 which is going to rule.

Anyway, theres going to be a lot of good things in this Trainer, the aim it to make it unpatchable forever.
LiX (02 Feb 2005 09:26 pm)

Good work! smile
roids (02 Feb 2005 09:32 pm)

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