MTA 0.5 NoCRC completed - MTA 0.5 server online

[DRuG]NikT (01 Feb 2005 02:44 pm)
The MTA 0.5 NoCRC has been completed in close to record time by [DRuG]BazW - this makes BazW DRuG number 4 to promptly release an MTA client that allows modding after an update - BazW the entire modding community owes you their gratitude, and on behalf of DRuG, U DA MAN!

We have a New Zealand MTA 0.5 server online thanks to [DRuG]Trix, it's game mode should alter over the coming days as we explore the new ground. Shortly we will have the usdrug server back online once I can get the access to do it - I'll keep you posted.

We are packaging the release as you read this, and it should be online in a matter of hours - refresh regularly folks to stay tuned!

0wnege yeye comeon nice work bazW ur my hero stupid crc
racer (01 Feb 2005 03:01 pm)

Nioce! good job, bawz is top of teh line cracker! nice work!
[mnk]masta (01 Feb 2005 03:12 pm)

/me refreshes until bandwith limit exceeded
[CMC]Jacob (01 Feb 2005 03:29 pm)

shok This Monkey Explains The Expresion I Have Right Now : This works trust me as we go through the beta stages it become more clear on how leet baz is this ones for you baz banana <--- Forced Banana Eating ...
[DRuG].ELiTE (01 Feb 2005 03:33 pm)

lmao wink banana is a good fruit and i like smiles
racer (01 Feb 2005 03:44 pm)

We've got handling mods in, just doin trainer detection.. New word around the office is we've got a new BigMonkey comin out too.. with workin php for the message of the day and other misc. refinements... Josh/SniperX is on da case..
[DRuG]NikT (01 Feb 2005 04:06 pm)

smile I now have DRuGDome 1.33 vcm, the text & weapon hud mods, particles, cars, all working with the current beta.. the final phase involves getting scm and trainers workable.. then it's release time.. wont be long folx.

[DRuG]NikT (01 Feb 2005 06:21 pm)

I had to go to school, I noticed it had been released though. When I get home i'm going to fiddle with the official MTA client to add to my 'LiXeD' collection. ( >> Downloads >> MTA >> MTA 0.5 Remote Admin LiXeD)
LiX (01 Feb 2005 09:35 pm)

Because their coded in C++ their very easy for me to edit because I know whats, what and whats not. tongue
LiX (01 Feb 2005 09:36 pm)

tongue (drools)

question for BazW, was it a new challenge? cool
[MNK]SoBeit (02 Feb 2005 12:13 am)

Nah, I try to to stray into BazW's line of work. What I am doing is editing the existing clients to improve some of the things I dislike. wink
LiX (02 Feb 2005 12:38 am)

I try NOT to stray*
LiX (02 Feb 2005 12:38 am)

Baz.... wow.... well done... shok
DJ muppetmaster (02 Feb 2005 04:36 am)

Woo for Baz!
cMc_jaY (02 Feb 2005 06:28 am)

Thanks baz the beta testing was a blast i am at school right now so i cant test out the final but anyways good work ..
[DRuG].ELiTE (02 Feb 2005 11:32 am)

hay like you guy work when should this be ready for download
nurvcom (02 Feb 2005 01:05 pm)

Pffff, u always hav to cheat dont u, u can come up with sum shit excuse like ur only moddin or woteva in ur own server (fair enuf) but every-other fucker that gets this will be fuckin everyones games up...
when will u ever learn.....
Moo (02 Feb 2005 01:09 pm)

dont come in here and thalk bs 2 us its a moding clan and y u come here if u dont like moding,2 make shit?
racer (02 Feb 2005 01:24 pm)

Moo: The power of a tool and it's uses are only defined by the user - it's very sad to see the only uses you envisage... sadly shared with n00bs and lamers alike. What you miss, is the astounding amount of quality mods written for this 3D universe, which expands every day. Without the work of people like BazW, people are unable to share the enjoyment of these mods in a multiplayer universe, albeit with with so many narrow minded restrictions imposed by those with lack of faith in other modders, or simply just ego.
[DRuG]NikT (02 Feb 2005 01:48 pm)

when is the download of the new mta 0.5 crc going to be able to download
nurvcom (02 Feb 2005 05:36 pm)

Now wink
[DRuG]NikT (02 Feb 2005 08:19 pm)

cool nice...
SpngBB (02 Feb 2005 08:33 pm)

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