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[DRuG]NikT (27 Jul 2004 10:00 pm)
DRuG CRC Bypass (VC & LC) Release
Ventrilo server set up for voice chat wit da DRuG
MTA 0.4 Released - Heads up pplz - GTA3 MTA is damn fine.

DRuG CRC Bypass (VC & LC) Release:
Map modders, speedsters and stunters fear not.. once again we are free to do our thang, thanks to the fine work of Alco64 & TriX, who worked together to cover both Vice and Liberty City versions in this new (and very prompt) release. It can be found in the downloads section.

Ventrilo server set up for voice chat wit da DRuG:
Though not 24/7, the Ventrilo server has been set up for when DRuG are modding and gaming together.

The sound is perfect when everyone wears headphones and gets their auto-mic-trigger sensitivity right.

MTA 0.4 Released - Heads up pplz re GTA3 MTA:
I decided to give MTA 0.4 GTA3 a bang last night for the first time, and was amazed - compared to the mission coding for vice, it's like a different multiplayer game, and better... for starters, you have to buy weapons from the dealers that show up on the radar like the cars, and you can only buy the weapons by hocking your health for money, or stunting it up on the way there. This combined with the added feature of regular turismo races (you can line up and race other MTAers) makes for a wayy better multi where the money has value.

-=Welcome 2 DA DRuG Racer -- Another Kiwi !! I'll do ya member bio soon buddy=-

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