[DRuG]Scope Releases 2Fast2Kill for MTA:VC

[DRuG]NikT (09 Apr 2004 12:29 am)
[DRuG]Scope has plans for many upcoming releases, but first up, here's 2Fast2Kill - a speed mod that you should only be messin' with if you already have NOCRC from our downloads section.

Make sure you read the readme!!

I have another mod in the works that some of you have been nagging me to finish - apologies, hopefully I find time over the next few days - it will be an interface upgrade mod, and is almost finished.. all the fonts, all the hud, are belong to us.

I know there's been the odd accusation that DRuG is dead.. not the case going by my observations of both MSN, new member requests (many from other gangs), and sheer presence on MTA. But man, like you, I'm just hovering, waiting for GTAT or someone to release a stable multi-mod... -=sigh=- my interest in MTA, like most peoples', comes in waves.. so stik about - we're in for the long haul... all the way to GTA - VR 2010... well.. we can wish.

-=[DRuG] ........ Hot nerds in skirts=- --- naRc-E

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