DRuGDome 2 Texture Difficulties Resolved

[DRuG]NikT (14 Feb 2004 02:50 am)
Having finally gained a solid understanding of Zmodeler, I can now texture properly and have good control of how the final product appears in game.

See below for new dev shots of Alco64 & I's fine work in 3DS MAX & Zmodeler:

Don't expect release to be straight away or anything - this just resolves the only remaining technical hitch that was preventing us continuing work on the project.

Also due for release are a number of cars developed by [DRuG]Fingrz and I - some hirez screenshots of the progress of these and other projected mods can be seen in the old gallery.

-=Be trippin with [DRuG]s =- --- [DRuG]Alco64

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