SA:MP Modes: Roof Jumping & Grish Race

[DRuG]NikT (05 Jul 2006 09:33 pm)
With multiple example races to begin the fun, Grish's new mode script is packaged including the source code, prepared specifically for use as a base for new modes.

Additional to the race template source, 7 compiled modes are in the package:

Race Template
Designed as a base for creating new modes by [DRuG]Grish, this bullet race around Los Venturas includes the source - DRuG encourage you to use it to create your own races - please email them to us - we'd love to host them!
Race in offroad terrain south of San Fierro by [DRuG]Grish
Bomb not Map by [DRuG]Grish
Buffalo Fun
Desert race starting at the private airport by =BDC=Taipan
Monster Maddness
Las Venturas monster truck desert race mayhem by [alr]Capsinurass
Hover Away
Race from the top of Chilliad in the Vortex by =BDC=Taipan
Smoke's GoKart Race
In the sewers of Los Santos by =BDC=SMOKED!

mode templates you've tweaked? send them to NikT

SA-MP Race Mode Pack by [DRuG]Grish

Make sure you read the readme.txt - the server wont run if the scriptfiles subdirectory isn't in your samp server directory.

Our newest member, [DRuG]Dabombber also has a new SA-MP mode release - Roof Jumping. Perhaps his summary is the best one, "This mode will piss off anyone who tries it, so i'll just say that it is possible".

mode templates you've tweaked? send them to NikT

SA-MP Roof Jump Race by [DRuG]Dabombber

DRuG's SA:MP server has had to be taken permanently offline due to our provider no longer being able to support the arrangement - if you can help by providing us with hosting for a DRuG GTA SA-MP server, please email NikT.

Fantastic work guys - great to see so many different people releasing! smile

SA:MP Modes: Pack 3 & PizzaBoy/MoneyGrub

[DRuG]NikT (19 Jun 2006 10:16 pm)
[DRuG]Grish's latest SA-MP game mode pack includes all 10 game modes he has created thusfar.

The Last Gang Standing modes have been tuned for stability and GrishCrush 2 is released - a fun revival of an old MTA favourite. New modes include hydra dogfighting and get the mower - a "capture the flag" style game mode. Beware of WTF.. continuing the trend of... ah... quirky mods banana

with more modes, grishs packs are becoming quite the issue

SA-MP Mode Pack 3 by [DRuG]Grish

[DRuG].h0z and Sluggeh make their modding debuts with PizzaBoy v1.0 + LVDM MoneyGrub. Based on Jax's moneygrub, this free-for-all deathmatch adds the Pizzaboy as a money-earner. While on the bike you earn $5000 a minute, all the while your position is marked on the radar to make for some hectic chases.

earning money could prove quite a challenge on such a slow bike

SA-MP Game Mode
PizzaBoy + LVDM MoneyGrub

Nice work Grish, as always. [DRuG].h0z & Sluggeh - great to see you modding smile

SA-MP Vote Mode Script by [DRuG]Trix

[DRuG]NikT (16 Jun 2006 07:18 pm)
One major annoyance for SA-MP server admins has been keeping the range of available game modes rotating on the server.

[DRuG]Trix's new voting script for SA-MP is at this stage suitable only for linux servers. It is controlled remotely using mIRC, which also presents the server admin with a console where not only voting is managed, but the rest of the server too - users can be kicked, banned, or even just warned by chatting to them through the mirc console.

Voting is the focus of the script of course, with features passed onto the users allowing them to list available modes and initiate votes for a change of mode.

with different modes, changing them becomes an issue

SA-MP Tools 0.1b by [DRuG]Trix

As always, Trix - groundbreaking work... we're not worthy... well... we are... but uno wink

[DRuG]Zidane is off to Perth for about two weeks, but will still be contactable via email and MSN. I'm sure I speak for all of DRuG in wishing him a phun and safe trip.

SA:MP Game Modes: Rustler DM, LMS/LGS Updates

[DRuG]NikT (06 Jun 2006 02:03 am)
Grish game modes - we're all enjoying them, and here's some more...

This latest release offers the new round based deathmatch in rustlers. The pack also includes updated versions of LowRider, Last Man and Gang Standing and also a new version of Last Gang Standing in San Fierro.

with different weapons every round, and now new arenas, it doesn't get boringDogfighting as it should be in SA-MP

SA-MP Mode Pack 2 by [DRuG]Grish

Thanks again Grish, and sorry I didn't have these on the site the other day when you sent me them!

SA:MP Game Modes: Last Man/Gang Standing

[DRuG]NikT (29 May 2006 03:31 pm)
Grish just doesn't stop making game modes - we're really lucky to have him aboard.

The Last Man/Gang Standing modes offer round based deathmatches in the small town south of Area 69 and Los Santos. When a player is ejected from a round, they are placed in a waiting area with stacks of vehicles and weapons to play with. While waiting, people are locked in a fixed section of the map in order to prevent them from disturbing those still in battle. Both modes are currently hosted for multiplayer action on the DRuG server (

with different weapons every round, your skills are really testedGang warfare as it should be in SA-MP

LMS/LGS SA-MP Game Modes by [DRuG]Grish

Welcome to our newest member, Evil_Gnomes - he's been in the multiplayer GTA scene since the days of Vice city, had race times in MTASA that were world class, and now can be found most nights on DRuG's SA-MP server - great to have you in the crew.

*edit* Welcome also to Widgit, our second female member, also an accomplished GTA fighter and racer. Another 2 masters of fighting and racing, Bro and Dabombber complete our lineup of elite recruits - we're proud to have ya.

Yay Grish, he's our man, if he can't do it, Noen can! wink

SA-MP Game Mode: LowRider by [DRuG]Grish

[DRuG]NikT (25 May 2006 07:31 pm)
Grish first released a map pack for MTA, now his popular new SA-MP game mode, LowRider, is being made available to the public for download.

As seen on the DRuG's SA-MP server, this game mode offers 8 concurrent races: Drift, LowRider, StreetCar, Bike, Farm Kart, Golf Caddy, Bullet and Sanchez Chilliad climb, a teleport system to various locations around San Andreas and stacks of mini games and surprises all over the map.

races are not your only option in sa-mp, but they are funDOWNLOAD NOW:

LowRider SA-MP Game Mode by [DRuG]Grish

Wikkid work Grishness, u da rok! smile

SA-MP 0.1 Out, New DRuG Web, MTA/SA-MP Servers

[DRuG]NikT (11 May 2006 12:08 pm)
With the release of SA-MP's first public client/server last night, the world finally got a taste of real GTA multiplayer action. DRuG's new 32 player SA-MP server was almost full all night, with old and new members cruising Las Venturas in their (synched) pimped up rides. Get the client now at

Though still running, the DRuG MTA server was mysteriously empty... we were considering leaving it up, but we see little point when we'll all be hanging in SA-MP. Our SA-MP server can be found by browsing the server list for the DRuG Official server or just add to your favourites using the IP address

The last few weeks have seen Raider, Trix, NikT and the rest of the crew (in order of effort) putting a huge amount of work into getting our rewritten web site up and running... at this stage only the gallery remains for it to be complete - hope you all like it so far.

Please take time to ensure your member profile is up to date - old members - we still consider you part of DRuG, send any member pictures, screenshots or profile updates to

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