Grish has pickups sorted & [JP]MB's race mode

[DRuG]NikT (04 Jul 2007 03:32 am)
I've just spent a few nights on [JP]MB's samp racing RPG server ( and I have to say, these guys have got a really nice beta mode happening - you can buy properties, with a car & level associated, then hunt about town for races to suit your level. The addictive element is high, and the races were pretty good.

I have added MB to my MSN, and he is going to keep me posted on progress. The server is only up in the late evenings, but if you can find it online, I highly recommend you drop in & check it out. As a noob member, it may take you some time to work your way up from golf buggy, but it's worth it. I currently have a slamvan. cool

Currently running on the SA-MP server are a few of Grish's dev modes.. currently he has working pickups and NOS, with his MTA<>SAMP race packager still in the works.

SA-MP 0.2.1 released, server updated

[DRuG]NikT (25 Jun 2007 04:03 am)
You'll need the new client to play on the updated sa-mp server.. get it from the sa-mp home page by clicking here.

Grish has continued work on his mta->samp race packager.. the current race mode and functions are running on the DRuG server, but are still in heavy development.

Awesome work so far Grish! smile

SA-MP map experimentation begins

[DRuG]NikT (23 Jun 2007 07:23 pm)
Thanks to the willingness & action of Grish and (at this stage offering help) Nimphious, work has begun on experimenting with MTA race modes in samp 0.2.

So far we've added a few modes installed as experiments, and they have had great results in these early tests.

Back in samp 0.1, many race modes and a mode voting script were developed by Trix, Grish & the crew (click here to see our currently released modes from samp 0.1), thanks again to Trix, we have a basic script together to convert modes, now we're in the process of assembling a race mode packager from this progress.

To see our progress so far, drop into the samp server at - if you look in the lower left margin, you can see a live preview of who's in game.

Refresh regularly for developments, and nice work DRuGs.

All back up including SA-MP 0.2.. (0.2 released)

[DRuG]NikT (21 Jun 2007 07:37 pm)
We're back, including an updated 0.2 SA-MP server. The current plan is to wait until we've spent a night or so trying the different alternatives to see what's possible before moving on to fiddling with modes and scripts. All data was restored AOK with no data loss noticed at this stage.

Personally, I'm gonna enjoy my first night playing SA-MP 0.2 without the distraction & responsibility of fiddling with our server - especially considering it'd only be a token effort until we've explored a little to see what's about.

Expect features such as vote mode, web based stats and hopefully a ladder for the sa-mp server soon. My dream would be to have a race server and a dm server for sa-mp but of course this will require access to another box & link we can host on. If you are able to offer DRuG a host for an sa-mp server, please email me.

Stay tuned over the next few days - I expect we'll have many updates posted.

NikT's linux server is down due to HDD failure

[DRuG]NikT (19 Jun 2007 12:18 am)
Nothing is lost... the primary drive in my linux server started making a funny noise, and had gone into read only mode, with the file system table inaccessible, the system became unbootable on reboot.

All data from the drive (including all linux users' home directories) has been recovered and moved onto new drives, with the linux server gaining just over 100Gb.

I will be rebuilding the linux/apache/mysql/php arrangement that was on the box, restoring the data then putting the teamspeak, FTP, MTA & SA-MP (etc) servers back online. I don't mess about, but I'm not always here, so expect most of this within about a week.

The MTA & SA-MP server scripts will need a bit of tweaking to suit the new arrangement, but rest assured, all game server records and maps remain intact. I will be setting these up first, so perhaps only a day or so.

angry angry angry angry

MTA script switched to PRS 1.3

[DRuG]NikT (22 May 2007 10:06 pm)
As many of you may know, I have been searching for a script that will maintain better statistics and a ladder for the mta server.

This evening I have installed [UVA]Scooby's Public Release Script 1.3 - it has more features than I care to attempt summarising here - suffice to say, it should make playing on the server more interesting. With the security of rcon logins for all the admins, I'm much happier with the approach to delegating roles for the crew - anyone who wants admin back, email me.

Stats from the old script are not ported to the new server - they are still intact, if we were to consider some sort of transfer. I'm more in the favour of starting afresh - there's been a few times when sync issues have wrecked records anyway.

Web based statistics are on the drawing board. Trix has been kind enough to offer his help getting some php happening to display the data from PRS on our site.. stay tuned for developments.

For more information on the commands made available by the new scripting system, displaying the comments for this news item will expand the detail of this news entry to include the documented triggers you can make use of on the MTA server.

Where are DRuG now?

[DRuG]NikT (14 May 2007 04:15 pm)
It's been a long time since I posted an update on DRuG's current activities. My apologies, I normally try to post a news item at least once a month and will continue to do so in the future.

Over the last month or so, DRuG's MTA server has developed quite a contingent of regulars. As such, I have set out an admin team comprising of some of these regulars I know on a personal level, plus of course, the whole DRuG clan. Our MTA administrators are there to keep the server honest, meaning, to kick/ban the cheats, remove the rubbish maps/records and generally ensure everything is operating A1. If you have any issues with a particular admin or feature on the server, please email me.

If you are looking for me, surprisingly, you won't find me in DRuG's MTA server, but on ALW clan's MTA ( I race and admin there, as it gives me exposure to more of what's going on outside of DRuG, allowing us to remain less isolated from the GTA scene than clans that only stay on their own server. For those of you aware of my obsession with ALW's MTA race ladder, I am currently ranked 9th - this is the most competitive MTA ladder I'm aware of, so expect this to change over time.

I have also added both the SA-MP and MTA servers to the status site. The summary applets have been added to the left margin.

Picolini's Boeing B314 Seaplane is still in the works.. more info on it shortly.

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