Dr Who Tardis for San Andreas release

[DRuG]NikT (27 Nov 2007 12:40 am)
Well I only made this one about a year and a half ago, but I finally received a response back after resending the request just the other day. So I now have full permission from the original modeler to release this new sparrow replacement for GTA San Andreas.

Model: James Murphy
Texture: Christopher Gill
Conversion & UV Mapping: [DRuG]NikT

This model replaces the San Andreas Sparrow with Dr. Who's Tardis - in most episodes it's a time traveling device that just appears and disappears, but at times it is depicted to float about as it does in San Andreas.


Dr Who Tardis for San Andreas

Enjoy! smile

Welkom 2 da DRuG flongdong & Big Monkey trainer

[DRuG]NikT (24 Nov 2007 08:21 am)
The last active [alr] member to become part of the DRuG crew! Great having you all among us - we've certainly been associating since day 1, so it's great to have the crews together... welcome guys!

Flongdong has been chilling with the crew, in the GTA servers, and I see he joined the forums the other day.. thanks for coming on board mate - hope to speak soon.

Welkom 2 da DRuG [alr] & Flongdong cool cool smile smile cool cool

Now to put your banner in the left margin...

In other news, though always available internally to DRuG members, the final version of our Vice City trainer, Big Monkey, was never released. It added support for live handling changes - if you alt/tab from game, you can do things like change the weight and ID for a car, then go back in and fly away in your car, which you have changed to a helicopter's handling - you may need to use the built in gravity adjustments to allow the spinning roof of the car to lift you into the air.. this is just one example of the madness this makes possible in Vice City.

Big Monkey 1.42 - now available to the general public.. Enjoy.


DRuG BigMonkey Vice City Trainer 1.42

Many unique features including:
In-game hotkeys (can be disabled)
Live gravity adjustment
Multi-speed, Multi-mode jetpack
Teleport system with memory presets
Live handling adjustment
In game speed and car health meters
Instant brake and Nos Boost
Much, much more

DRuG it up ppls!!!

Oh! Annnd...


Welkom 2 da DRuG [alr]Legham

[DRuG]NikT (17 Nov 2007 01:53 pm)
[alr]Legham has been associating with the crew for years now, if my memory serves me correctly, since the MTA Vice City days.

As part of [alr] - one of the worlds most esteemed GTA clans (for both racing and SAMP), he'll be right at home with the many other members of [alr] that already share dual membership.

It's gonna be great having you as part of the crew Legham - thanks for joining!


It's ma birthday and DRuG's 4th birthday

[DRuG]NikT (03 Nov 2007 09:21 am)

DRuG's now been goin' strong for 4 years... My deepest thanks go out to what has been a rocksteady crew.

DRuG it up ppls!!!

smile smile smile smile smile

Forums updated to RC7

[DRuG]NikT (15 Oct 2007 04:24 pm)
After a lot of fiddling to edit changes in syntax adopted by RC7, our custom themes are now working in RC7... this was no small feat... every use of /form had to be preceded with S_FORM_TOKEN, and all uses of username and password had to be updated to their new syntax.

I may have missed something - please - if you see even the slightest error reported from phpBB, private message it to me or pop it on the forums.. it won't be much trouble to fix, so long as we find the errors... some may only appear under a user but not admin logon, so your help would be appreciated.

Welcome 2 da DRuG 2GOOD & Downloads!!!

[DRuG]NikT (06 Oct 2007 06:01 pm)
It is with great pleasure that I introduce our first new member in a while, 2GOOD.

2GOOD has been racing on fearedgamers, PHS & our servers for a few years now - apologies for not having you on board sooner.

Welcome 2 da DRuG mate!

**edit to include an afterthought**

It has also become the time when most are starting to explore subsitute vehicles, while not modifying their handling... peepz spicing up their game a bit as San gets older.. DRuG have seen these times before.. with many new clans around, I've been getting to know a lot of cool new people.. but one thing has begun to distress me out of it... soo many people that know DRuG have no idea that we've made so many tools and vehicles for the GTA series.. especially San and Vice. Please people, check our downloads sections... everything there is pretty much made by DRuG members... and all of it is pretty original. I take a lot of time getting to know what the other clans have been up to & what you do... I invite you all to seriously check out some of our toyz... I know you'll be rewarded.

New MTA admin levels & !updateraces

[DRuG]NikT (03 Oct 2007 11:55 pm)
The default top server admin levels & roles have just been adjusted to 2 to accomodate a new admin trigger - !updaterace - you may need to relogon using rcon for the server to see you as a 2.

Using !updateraces then !lostmaps may show a higher number of maps - give it a minute, try again.. a few times and it usually gets them all.

It's because we now have 441 maps, and the working limit is around 300. A mod to the scripts and this new trigger allows it to find newly uploaded maps... eventually.

Thanks [PHS]Dan[AU] for the pointer to the fix. smile

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