MTA:DM server switched to linux

[DRuG]NikT (14 Feb 2008 10:29 pm)
And I feel...



Nothing has changed, except when you join the server, it now downloads (*edit* at times) with no errors, first go, and up top, it says linux 8)

This also resolved our votemap list not changing, it was only listing the same 8 maps each time, for some reason, on the windows server.

MTA:DM race maps debugged

[DRuG]NikT (10 Feb 2008 11:50 pm)
Well, after several hours of fiddling, we now have an MTA:DM server with no buggy race maps.

It was my intention to run an mta:dm race mode server, primarily, as I feel it takes best advantage of the replacement cars pack I want to optimize & have cover more (compact) vehicles.

This was a bit hard to implement, when half the races just got stuck on a black screen. With this issue now resolved, we have a total of 281 race maps.

Although I am leaving the other modes on, I would prefer to see the server left in race mode - there's plenty of good DM servers out there, and really, I'd rather see people playing SAMP for DM.

What are others' opinions of DM in samp vs mta?

Remember, if you don't have access to comment, please post a request for an account at this thread on the DRuG forums.

Welcome to DRuG [alr]Capsinurass

[DRuG]NikT (18 Jan 2008 04:12 pm)
Well, after signing up Flongdong, I thought all of [alr] had been invited... [alr]Capsinurass, I'm terribly sorry we missed you.. originally there were plans to invite you, but they just got forgotten.

[alr] - a collective of very talented mta racers, have been chilling with the crew since the early days - once again, it's great having them all as part of the crew.

Welkom 2 da DRuG, [alr] & Capsinurass cool cool smile smile cool cool

MTA:DM 1.0 dp2 released

[DRuG]NikT (11 Jan 2008 12:35 am)
Really, they could have chosen something without dp as the acronym. banana

I have a server up on with web on 22005.

I'll start with the windows server then experiment with the linux one later.

MTA:DM 1.0 dev. preview 1 released

[DRuG]NikT (03 Jan 2008 02:40 pm)
Well it's that time folks..
quote (MTA dev team):

We're happy to announce a preview release of MTA:SA Deathmatch as a good start to the new year. As a new years resolution, we've decided to try much more frequent releases. We've said this before, but we've finally got a solid base to work from and we're in a good position where you - the community - can give us valuable input.

Now this, I will believe when I see, but sounds like very good news if they stay true to it. MTA, as many of you may know, are a little slow on the old release. sad Head on over to the MTA:DM gangs register, and join the [DRuG] group (assuming you're a member or you'll just be removed).

With regards to setting up a DRuG server, I have an idea I would like to see discussed on the forums.. Currently I pay > $200 a year to keep all of DRuG's names and servers online... but we still don't have a decent professional server on which we can host games. I think it would be good if a group of us chipped in and got a server, possibly locally hosted in Australia... for use as an MTA race/DM/SAMP server... teamspeak could stay on my link since it's not used all the time.. but this would mean nice, low pings in Australia & the ability to have > 12 players in game with no lag.

If you're interested, please make a post @ - I don't wanna put a paypal donate icon up... I kinda hate advertising, but with the introduction of MTA:DM, I think adding another server to my home link is not the ultimate direction, though I'm not apposed to it.

In other news, I've spent the last week or so polishing the site... details on all the improvements can be found on the forums - click here to read that post now.

See you in MTA:DM folks - I'll be on if not ours - - they have a DM server up & running... for ours, I suggest we wait a few days and get a better idea of what we want... at this stage it's running a pretty default config with a focus on racing. wink

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

[DRuG]NikT (01 Jan 2008 06:05 pm)
Well, it's been another busy year at DRuG.

For the first year in a while the majority of mods released by the crew were all from relatively new members. This is a fantastic indicator that we're growing at the right pace and the people selected are well suited to the crew and what we do.

Teamspeak this year has had it's busy & it's quiet moments, with many members alternating off to servers devoted to WoW & other games they've branched off to, but it was great to see a lot of the oldschool crew spend a fair portion of their time @ DRuG.

This year also saw the introduction of forums.. until this year, DRuG members had been encouraged to sign up at gtaforums and other communities around the scene, to get our name out there. Speaking for myself, I've found the move to our own space has resulted in a much friendlier group of people to share with. I look forward to advancing our activity in this area to include more of the GTA scene - it would be great to share our friendly vibe with others.

MTA and SAMP now both have very solid followings, this has had an incredible effect on the scene, I find racing a lot more fun without the majority of people around me wanting a fight... where I'm sure the FPS/DM players are just as happy to be rid of the stunters and other krazy vehicles interfering with their battles.

GTAIV - well, I still don't see anything, anywhere, confirming planes will be in game, nor multi-player PC action... only mention so far, has been of consoles.

Though this is not much different to the times of Vice City, where rumours of SA were all concerning details of the PC game, not if it would exist, but how. If anyone can confirm any PC based GTAIV planning @ Rockstar, please let me know.

I can't wait to take on this new year, with all the new clans that I've been grouping on our forums, this year I expect to develop my agregated "Clan World" site, using the powers of RSS.

Thanks for being an awesome crew for yet another year folks.

Low Detail Mod v1.3 by [DRuG]Killfrenzy

[DRuG]NikT (01 Dec 2007 10:01 am)
Another fine addition that I'm sure will be greatly appreciated by those that are attempting to run San Andreas on low spec systems... [DRuG]Killfrenzy's Low Detail Mod v1.3.

Released on his own birthday! I formed DRuG with [DRuG]Raider on the day after my birthday, so this continues another tradition, too. Happy Birthday, [DRuG]Killfrenzy!

As [DRuG]Killfrenzy himself reports on

"This mod should make the game noticeably faster for slower computers smile

It keeps most the detail, but in low resolution. The most important details are kept at full resolution. Insignificant details are either hidden, or at very low resolution. You should notice it being smoother than before especially in smoke.

Use this with [DRuG]Slick's San Andreas Performance Tool and get the most performance you can get out of GTA:SA."


Low Detail Mod v1.3 by [DRuG]Killfrenzy

Awesome work [DRuG]Killfrenzy - great having you as part of the crew!

cool cool cool

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