Car Spawn Trainer and Player Teleporter

[DRuG]NikT (14 Feb 2005 09:10 am)
Well I did say last news release to expect cool shtuff from these two... and here we go...

MTA 0.5 Teleport Version 1.0 by [DRuG]Static:
Basic features include:
- Custom spawn locations to save/load from
- 3 Window titles to choose from
- 8 Set Spawn Locations
- In game hotkeys for every location
Click here to download

MTA 0.5 Car Spawn Trainer Version 2.0 by [DRuG]Nonameo:
Basic features include:
- Warp to cars or warp them to you.
- Works with all VC stunt cars - death match/LC version planned.
- Freestanding executable, wont interfere with your scm mods.
Click here to download NonameosCarSpawnTrainer2.rar

Well done guys, and folks - this is just the beginning wink

On a side note, I'm back on broadband in roughly 5 days so I should have our public teamspeak server back up soon and the downloads pages have been updated to include the latest releases.

Finally, I am assembling a demo/loader crew to help me develop some 64kb style intros to include with DRuG releases.. anyone with experience using demo making tools like those used on, please email me.

MTA Client v0.5 NoCRC VC v3 Release (not gta3)

[DRuG]NikT (10 Feb 2005 08:08 pm)
Version 3 of BazW's NoCRC for MTA Client v0.5 offers further trainer detection removals and more disabled functions are re-enabled in vice.
The v3 client has unfortunately tested negatory on gta3, so stick with v2 for gta3.. it does the lot anyway. Go Baz he's our man, MTA can't stop us, no-one can! smile

Click here to download.

Also, welcome to [DRuG]Static, our newest member and good friend of [DRuG]Nonameo's - expect exciting releases from these two folks. cool

Infinite MTA 0.5 NOS, bios and DRuG icon

[DRuG]NikT (05 Feb 2005 05:46 am)
MTA 0.5 introduced NOS in the form of the RC Bandit... many discovered that any car can be substituted in SCM to achieve a NOS vehicle... now Nonameo releases this very handy mod to allow for unlimited NOS.

Click here to download for the unmodded client.

Click here to download for use with BazW's NOCRC.

Nice one Nonameo!!

Also, I am missing member bios for Noodlez, BazW and Truze - could u please each make one using the member bios section as a guide, and send me with a pic to UnderW has chosen to change names to his better known alter-ego, MrBrown - don't forget to send me a new pic too dude and again, welcome!

For the many DRuGs now developing applications, I have created an icon for you to use if you like..

MTA Client v0.5 NoCRC LC & VC (v2) Release

[DRuG]NikT (02 Feb 2005 09:43 pm)
With version 2 we can now mod all facets of both Liberty and Vice City portions of the MTA client. SCM, Trainers, both gta image files, handling, all your mods, aren't belong to MTA team! wink

Download by clicking here.

DRuG it up ppls!

MTA Client v0.5 NoCRC v1 Release

[DRuG]NikT (02 Feb 2005 07:56 pm)
Thanks to the fast and thorough work of BazW, we now have available a nocrc that allows all facets of modding to the Vice City portion of the MTA client. SCM, Trainers, gta image file mods, handling, the lot..

At this stage, GTA3 remains untouched, but wil be addressed in the near future.

DRuG it up ppls!!

Download by clicking here.

Nice work Baz, as always!

MTA 0.5 NoCRC completed - MTA 0.5 server online

[DRuG]NikT (01 Feb 2005 02:44 pm)
The MTA 0.5 NoCRC has been completed in close to record time by [DRuG]BazW - this makes BazW DRuG number 4 to promptly release an MTA client that allows modding after an update - BazW the entire modding community owes you their gratitude, and on behalf of DRuG, U DA MAN!

We have a New Zealand MTA 0.5 server online thanks to [DRuG]Trix, it's game mode should alter over the coming days as we explore the new ground. Shortly we will have the usdrug server back online once I can get the access to do it - I'll keep you posted.

We are packaging the release as you read this, and it should be online in a matter of hours - refresh regularly folks to stay tuned!

NikT b back - sorta

[DRuG]NikT (31 Jan 2005 07:19 pm)
On dialup, but with the power of shellz, still able to do most sturf I want.. especially with the help of Trix hosting Teamspeak.

While the cat waz away, 3 new members have joined - welkom 2 da DRuG:
- BazW
- Noodlez
- Truze (this one's actually a welcome back, but not sure if I can say who yet).

All very talented oldskool players, the list of DRuGs is starting to sound better than the one in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

I should be online all times except when the housemates need the phone, which will usually be around 7-10pm AEST (Melbourne Australian Time).

DRuG it up pplzz!

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