[DRuG] Wars
Who we have battled in MTA.
VS. Date Scores Results  
[R]ogue 21/11/2003 62 - 32 Loss (30)

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SWAT 29/11/2003

As DRuG has grown, we have become primarily a team of people with a common appreciation for good modding, stunting and derbies.

Though a few friendly wars were conducted, the action has been more commonly away from the battleground where sync is still questionable.

On the 28th of May 2004, DRuG merged with clan [D-X], who have now become DRuG's fighting arm. This will allow [D-X] to manage wars more efficiently, while giving all DRuGs the option to try out for wars, and also communicates to the MTA community that, although a modding clan, we are very clear in our agreement that mods in battle are just plain lame.