The official mod of [DRuG]
DRuGDOME is the vision of NikT.
It is an off-shore arena near the Greasey Chopper (now known as [R]Bar) in Haiti North just near the Sabre Turbo's spawn point in MTA.
It is about the same size as the Hyman Memorial Stadium and is the ideal spot for a derby, jump comp. or a great shortcut if you fancy a spot of golf.
DRuGDOME Features
Entrance Area with jump to downtown main drag
Easy access to golf course, [R]Park and [R]Bar
Entrance 1/2 Pipe
2 Derby Pits
Mega U Pipe
Main Jump
PCJ Jump
Teleporter/Warp system (due for major upgrade)
NikT (Mapper)
TriX (SCM Coder)
Alco64 (NoCRC/Jump Tuner)
More information can be found in the forums, and the latest version is available in the downloads section.