Map Additions & Modifications:

VCM (auto install)
[DRuG] HighWay by =CZ3=
In order to allow for the major limitations thrust on us by MTA 0.4.1, CZ3 has offered two versions of this scratch made map mod for Grand Theft Auto Vice City. The highway is a circuit that can be entered at all corners and middle points of the map thanks to some nicely made ramps. As with most large map mods, the parts used conflict with those in DRuG Dome, and as such, will mean you need to remove the DRuGDome VCM prior to adding this one, or you will find most of the highway invisible.
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

DRuGDome 1.33 Dome Jumps


DRuG DOME 1.33 includes:
DRuGDome 1.33 & [R]Bar (The Greasey Chopper reskinned)
Odie's Beach Park with repositioned halfpipes
WeirdFish's Loop n Flip, Skate Park & Jump Pack parts
CuddaWorld 3.4 (c) 2003 by Cudda Kine
CZ3's All-in-one MTA 0.4.1 SCM
BazW's NO-CRC client
Updated handling and defaults.ide entries for the RCBARON.
Everything else (c) 2003-4 [DRuG]
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as"
**Errors on install are normal! - Just a warning a folder already exists.**

After install, copy <vice dir>\MTA\mtaclient.exe & paste over yours.
Also ensure you have a limit adjusted Vice exe file.
DRuGDOME v1.21 - Major update with Odie's loop and jumps in Downtown Sth.
- Includes R bar, R Park, Stadium pit under the stars and Cudda World.
- Loops n jumps repositioned off the road due to popular demand.
DRuGDOME v1.21 Upgrade - Major update as above.
- Upgrade version only suitable for those with Dome version 1.05 or greater.
- If you installed 1.2, all you need do is rereplace the maps folder from this archive.

- Result will be repositioning of the loops and jumps off the road by popular demand.
DRuG-Coaster v1.0 - Alco64's DRuG RollerCoaster.
- Located on the beach opposite Malibu near the original DRuGDome location.
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